Best Video Poker Online Casino in 2023

Video poker is one of the most traditional games in online casinos. Combining elements of luck and strategy, it provides players with a unique experience. And it all happens very quickly.

Here, you will learn about the rules, strategies, and different versions of the game, as well as the best video poker casinos to choose from. We also provide a step-by-step guide and information on bonuses and free games for you to develop your skills.

Best Video Poker Online Casino in 2023

Best Video Poker Online Casinos

Video poker combines the characteristics of poker with elements of online slot machines.

The rules are the same as in the traditional game, but the cards are drawn from a Random Number Generator (RNG). Still, you can influence the outcome of each round with the moves you decide to make. And that's what has made it so popular. So much so that video poker is present today in all the best online casinos.

Of course, with all this availability, it can be difficult to find the ideal online casino with video poker. Moreover, an operator may not always have the best video poker game to play.

To help you with this task, we have selected the best sites in the market. All video poker casinos on our list offer a safe, enjoyable experience — and in some cases, full of bonuses and offers for you.


Video Poker Rules

Video poker rules may vary depending on the version of the game you choose. However, there are some common elements in all variants.

Video poker is normally played with a deck of 52 cards. You can set a value for your bet at the beginning of each round. On the main panel, you will usually find a list with the return for each combination of cards.

Check out a common example of a payout table:

  • Royal Flush: 1 to 250
  • Straight Flush: 1 to 50
  • Four of a Kind: 1 to 25
  • Full House: 1 to 9
  • Flush: 1 to 6
  • Straight: 1 to 4
  • Three of a Kind: 1 to 3
  • Two Pairs: 1 to 2
  • Jacks or Better: 1 to 1

After setting your bet, you must press DEAL. This will reveal the five cards initially drawn for you by the algorithm.

If you don't have a winning hand, you still have the chance to click on the DRAW option to receive new cards. If you want to keep one or more cards, simply select them and press HOLD before moving forward.

How to Play Video Poker online

What Is The Best Video Poker Game To Play?

The best online casino game providers will focus on the most popular variations of video poker. The following versions usually stand out:

  • Jacks or Better: This is the most popular option among players. In this game, you can get the money you bet back by getting a pair of Jacks or higher cards — Queen, King, or Ace.
  • Deuces Wild: In this version, all deuces (cards with a face value of 2) act as wild. That is, they can replace the other cards to form a winning hand. The minimum combination here is a Three of a Kind.
  • Joker Poker: In this case, a Joker is included in the deck. It acts as a wild card, replacing the other cards in the game. This video poker variation also accepts pairs of Kings and Aces.
  • Tens or Better: This is similar to Jacks or Better. The difference here is the possibility of forming a pair of 10. As combinations are more frequent, the average return is slightly lower than in other versions.
  • Aces and Faces: Here is another variant of Jacks or Better. It includes very good payouts for 4 Face Cards. That is, a combination of four Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces.

Among those options, Jacks or Better is the one that usually has the highest Return to Player (RTP) — typically above 99%.

It is difficult to define what is the best video poker game to play. In addition to the ones we listed, you will find other options with different elements. So, feel free to choose the one that suits you better.

The Most Popular Variations of Video Poker Online

How To Play Online Video Poker For Real Money

Now you know how the rules are very simple in any of the most common versions of this game. So, there is no mystery when playing online video poker for real money.

Here's a step-by-step guide for you to start:

1. Sign up for an online casino

You should start by having a look at the top online casino game sites and choosing where to play. Always look for a reliable casino with your preferred version of video poker available.

2. Register an account

Next, it’s time to create a user account. You will have to fulfill a form with your data — full name, birth date, email address, and so on. This is also a good opportunity to apply for any welcome bonus available at the casino.

3. Deposit money

To play video poker online for real money, you will have to deposit your new account. In most cases, there will be a variety of secure payment methods online, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets like PayPal or Neteller.

4. Choose a video poker game

Then, it’s time to decide what’s the best online casino game to play. The popular choices here are Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. But you will find many other variations from top providers like iSoftBet, Microgaming, NetEnt, and Play’n GO.

5. Make a bet

The first thing you will see in a video poker game is the payouts table. There you will be able to check the potential winnings for each combination of cards. Decide the value of the bet and hit DEAL to reveal the cards.

6. Decide what to do next

After the first hand is revealed, you may ask for new cards. Before doing that, click on the cards you want to keep and click on HOLD. In some versions of the game, the best options to keep will be selected automatically. Then, click on DRAW to continue.

7. Collect your winnings (hopefully!)

When the new cards are revealed, you can see what combination you got — if any. It could be a Royal Flush or a Full House, for example. Your balance will be updated straight away. Then, you can just hit DEAL again to continue playing.

The odds and payouts of video poker online can vary depending on the version and game you chose. And that will certainly impact your winnings in the long run.

Video Poker Online Payouts and Odds

Video Poker Strategies

One of the beauties of poker is the possibility of following a strategy that will have a real impact on your results — even if that's small. However, choosing the best video poker strategy is not a simple task. It depends heavily on your playing style.

Still, there are some video poker strategies that will always fit well. Here are some examples for the most common scenarios:

  • Four to a Straight/Flush: hold all four cards
  • Three to a Royal Flush: hold
  • A Pair of any value: hold them and draw three new cards
  • Three cards to a Straight Flush: hold
  • None of the scenarios above: hold all the jacks or higher

The best strategies for playing video poker online are the ones that increase your chances of winning. In some cases, you will have more than one path to choose from. And it can be hard to tell which one is better. So you can test a few strategies before playing with real money.

How to Win at Video Poker Online: Tips and Strategies for Success

Free Video Poker Games

One of the advantages of video poker, compared to brick-and-mortar casinos and live dealer games, is that you will find many games available to play for free. In this case, your balance will be fictional — as well as any winnings you collect during a session. But free online video poker will help you memorize the rules, test strategies — and have fun.

To play video poker online for free, go to a casino website of your choice and navigate to the list of video poker games. Check if there are any demo versions available. Normally, all you have to do to find it out is hover over each game and see if an option like "Play For Free" or "Play Demo" appears. Then, just click and have fun.


Video Poker Bonuses

You can also use welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and other offers to play more. Many of the best online casinos offer video poker bonuses, while other promotions will also include slots, roulette, and so on.

Before creating your account at a casino and/or making a deposit, remember to read the Terms and Conditions of the offer. It is important to check if the bonus is valid for your preferred game and what rules you will have to comply with.


Video Poker Wordlist

  • Bet: Amount of money bet on a video poker round.
  • Deal: The initial distribution of cards to the player in a game of video poker.
  • Demo games: Simulations with virtual money, they also don’t pay real money to the users when they win.
  • Draw: The process of discarding some cards in hand and receiving new ones in their place.
  • E-wallets: A payment method that allows players to store and transfer money online, like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.
  • Flush: A five-card hand where all the cards belong to the same suit.
  • Full House: A hand that contains three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank.
  • Hold: Choosing to keep a card in your hand rather than discarding it during the draw phase.
  • Live dealer casino: A version of online casino games where a real person deals cards, as opposed to a computerized game.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): A tool utilized to generate random results and ensure fair play in online casino games.
  • Return to Player (RTP): The percentage of total bets that a player can expect to win back over time in a game of video poker.
  • Royal Flush: A five-card hand that consists of a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace all of the same suit.
  • Straight: A hand that consists of five cards of sequential rank, regardless of suit.
  • Straight Flush: A five-card hand that consists of cards in sequence, all of the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind: A hand that contains three cards of the same rank.
  • Two Pairs: A hand that contains two pairs of cards of the same rank.

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One of the main virtues of video poker is how dynamic it can be. While the game has simple rules and moves quickly, it also requires the player to do more than just press buttons and wait for the result.

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Video poker is a classic casino genre that has also become increasingly popular online. It partially happens because this is a game based not only on luck but also on skills. In other words, you can increase your chances of winning by making smart decisions.

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Video poker is a popular casino game that combines elements of both poker and slot machines. It offers players the chance to increase their chances of winning by analyzing the cards after the initial draw. And it makes things even more exciting.

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Video poker online is a popular casino game that combines elements of both poker and slot machines. One of its main characteristics is that players can make strategic decisions based on the first cards they are dealt. So, it is not only a matter of luck — you can increase your chances of winnings by making smarter moves.

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Video poker is a popular casino game that has been enjoyed by millions of players throughout the years. With the advent of online casinos, it has become even more accessible to players everywhere.

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Video poker, like other casino games, was born well before its online version. It was already very popular in brick-and-mortar casinos all around the world before the Internet gained traction. But it has also become a huge success at the top online casino game sites.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is video poker online?

Video poker online is a digital version of the poker game found in casinos. In this mode, the cards are dealt by a Random Number Generator (RNG), as is the case in online slots. The player must form card combinations to obtain gains over the value of their bets.

How do I play video poker online?

To play video poker online, you only need to register at an online casino. If you want to play with real money, you will need to deposit it into your account. The best casino sites usually offer different versions of video poker for their users, such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. Then, simply choose an option and start playing.

Can you play video poker online for real money?

Yes, you can play video poker online on the best casino sites. To do so, you must have money on your balance. Then, you can choose a game of your preference and opt for different values in your bets. Your winnings vary depending on the hand obtained in each round.

Can you win at online video poker?

Yes, it is possible to win real money in online video poker games. In some versions of the game, such as Jacks or Better, the RTP can be higher than 99%. To increase your chances of victory, it is important to know the rules well and know how to make the best decisions after the initial card deal.