October 6, 2020

Hilarious Facts About Online Casinos That Will Crack You Open

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The consensus is that gambling is not for underage persons, usually anyone below the age of 18 or according to your jurisdiction regulations. This tells one thing, that online casino gambling or any other kind of gambling is a serious engagement that can make or mar a player. Well, I can also tell you for a fact that some eventualities will make you drop the curiosity and seriousness for a while and laugh away.  These occurrences are the hilarious scenarios that have happened amid serious gaming. You will certainly go awed, amused, shocked and sometimes, you can freeze for a few seconds. Alright! Now let us tear open some amazing facts. 

Hilarious Facts About Online Casinos That Will Crack You Open

1. Imagine How Much 25p can earn you in a game:

Well, it was all ecstasy when a retired soldier placed a bet on a slot game with an expectation to win what is proportional to such meagre stake only to land a jackpot. He smashed a £13,2000,000 jackpot playing the Mega Moolah slot. With the same value staked, someone else broke that record in 2013 when he smashed a £17,860,000 jackpot. Stop drooling! 

2. Tip to Peak 

Did you know that in a traditional casino hall a player can tip the croupier (the dealer)? It's not cheating! If it is not a cheat tact in a traditional casino, then it is also not a cheat tact in an online casino, so you can as well tip in a Live Online Casino. This can earn you a good tip from the dealer. 

3. How An Average 8 Hours turned 8 Years - Poker! 

Usually, the longest a poker game will last is an average 8 hours considering the number of players in the session. However, in 1881, a Poker session did the unthinkable with the gaming stretching into 8 years, 5 months and 3 days. That is the longest to date. 

4. Who loses £650,000 to computer glitches? 

Well, an Italian man got his winning seized due to a computer glitch while he was playing. Bruno Venturi, 41-year-old, had staked £18 on a slot game with EuroBet UK and won £650,000 only to be told his winnings were enhanced by some software glitches. He lost the case in court because the terms of engagement stated clearly that in case of a computer glitch, winnings would be withheld. 

5. He sold His Entire Belongings For The Red

Yes, he did! But can you do that? OK, Let me tell you!  A professional British Gambler, Ashley Revell in 2004 sold his entire belongings to raise a sum of £135,600. He was left with the only wear he had on, crazy right?  A TV Gambling Show, Double or Nothing was the host to this mysterious man as Ashley headed to a Las Vegas casino to place the entire sum on a roulette game. He went for RED with his heart in mouth. Luckily for Ashley, after the spin, 7 Red landed. That was how he won a double; ££270,600. Cool 'em! 

6. "I BANNED myself!" 

Did you know you can ban yourself from engaging in casino gambling, either in a physical casino or an online casino? Well, you can!  This mechanism is called' Voluntary Exclusion' as coined by the State of Ohio, USA. It was a program created specifically to curb gambling addiction. The campaign was to ban yourself from stepping foot into any casino including playing online if you found out you have become an addict or struggling with some financial mess. You can actually unban yourself whenever you feel your head is clear or in a better financial status. 

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