December 3, 2022

Is There a Good Time to Win Online Slot Jackpots?

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Online slots are indeed the most-played casino games. These games are straightforward, fun, and the payouts are outstanding. No wonder slots make up at least 70% of a casino’s library. But being the most popular casino game means that slots are not shy of controversies. One of the most asked questions about slot machines is if there’s a “good” time to play these games and win a jackpot. This detailed reading settles the debate once and for all.

Is There a Good Time to Win Online Slot Jackpots?

Online slots are purely luck-based.

Although this might not be music to the ears of slot lovers, it’s the bitter truth of online gambling. Slot machines, including online slot jackpots, are 100% games of chance. In other words, there is no good or bad time to play these games because the results are random. Remember that no strategy can reduce the house edge in online slots. 

Do you still doubt it? Then answer this question; what do players do after clicking the “spin” button on a slot machine? They stand there helplessly, hoping to hit a winning combination of symbols. This means nobody should convince you to use a strategy or betting system to play slot machines in the morning or evening. Slot machines are never loose during these times. It’s all about luck!

Play slots during holidays

Because slots are purely luck-based, it doesn’t mean players shouldn’t exploit good opportunities at the casino. With the festive season fast approaching, the best online casino sites are preparing bonuses and promotions for new and loyal players. And guess what? Slot machines, including jackpots, often contribute 100% to the wagering requirements. For example, free spin credits are all about slot machines. 

The point is that you should use bonuses and promotions to increase your winning odds at the casino. Although bonuses don’t decrease the house edge, they allow slot players to play games, including jackpot titles with free credits. You’ll enjoy extended playing periods and achieve a massive win if you’re lucky. 

But some casino bonuses are generally better than others. Many casino bonuses have wagering requirements, which is the number of times players must use the bonus money before withdrawing it. For instance, a $200 casino bonus with a 30x wagering requirement means players must play for $6,000 before cashing out the winnings. So, be careful when claiming those holiday bonuses and promotions for slot machines. 

Know when to hit the jackpot

This point doesn’t mean there’s a specific time to play online slot jackpots and win the prize. After all, you’ll need to be extremely lucky to win the Mega Moolah jackpot. But it’s only logical to play slots when the prize money is sky-high. 

When did the Mega Moolah jackpot last cross the $20 million mark? Although the game has several times paid out more than that amount, start playing it aggressively whenever the prize exceeds $20 million. Anything above $10 million is also a good sign in most online slot jackpots.

Another tried and tested trick to play jackpots is to hit it when the game hasn’t paid off for a long time. Typically, a jackpot game is more likely to give in when it has gone for a long time without being triggered. But remember that you’re not the only one chasing the prize. Big jackpots garner more attention, meaning you’ll go head-to-head with other motivated gamblers. 

Choose the Right Online Slot

Whether you’re playing jackpot slot machines in the morning, evening, or night, carefully selecting the titles is the game changer. Like other online casino games, slot machines have theoretical return rates that affect the gameplay after thousands of rounds. Note that an average player can make 600 spins per hour. So, if you play for several hours, those will be thousands of spins, enough to trigger the house edge.

The best online slots should have a theoretical return rate of at least 96%. This means players can win 96 coins for every 100 coins wagered. Although some games can go as high as 98%, jackpots are notorious for low return rates. The legendary Mega Moolah by Microgaming has an 88.12% return rate, whereas Mega Millions by NetEnt maxes out at 89.37% RTP.

Another factor that affects how a slot machine pays out is the volatility or hit frequency. Mega Millions is a low-volatile slot, meaning players can expect frequent but small wins from the machine. On the other hand, Mega Moolah is a highly volatile slot with big but rare wins. All in all, any time is slot machine time, but choose the machines carefully.

The Worst Time to Play Online Slots

Before wrapping up this post, mentioning some of the worst times to play slot machines is critical. Never fire up the game if you’re not in a good mood. While you should play slots for fun and wind down after a bruising day at work, consider that this is when you’re prone to making mistakes. For example, you may be too tired to press the “spin” button each time you want to play, hence using the AutoPlay feature. In return, this feature will eat through your bankroll like wildfire. 

Other situations to avoid playing slot machines include:

  • When you don’t have enough money to play hundreds of rounds. Fortunately, many slots support 0.10-coin bets.
  • If you’re battling gambling addiction,
  • When the jackpot has just been reset, a player has won it. 
  • Don’t play slots if you’re unsure about the RTP, variance, or game developer.
  • Don’t play slots when your internet connection is unstable.

Final words

No one should discourage you from playing slots whenever you wish to play. These games use random number generators to create lucky wins. So, you have an equal chance of winning an online slot jackpot early or late in the day. Just remember to play at a licensed and regulated online casino. Good luck!

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