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Whether you want to play for fun or for real money, Dafabet offers a wide variety of games for you to choose. In order to play the games you need to sign up for an account and find an ever growing portfolio of slots, progressive jackpot games or live casino in various languages.


At Dafabet you can play Baccarat powered by Playtech that has one big advantage compared to the same game from different providers. Namely, Playtech's version of Baccarat doesn't require pre-determined bets. This allows you, as the player, to have more freedom and flexible wagering options.

Another option that you can take advantage of is the Multiplayer Baccarat option which allows you to talk to other players playing the same game. What is more, you can also create your own private table.

Progressive Baccarat

This is an exciting version of the already very popular card game. The game is played with 6 decks of cards and it delivers awesome payouts and excellent graphics. The idea of the game is to have a hand that totals as close to 9 as possible.

There are 3 different bets you can place that include Banker, Player or Tie. You place a bet and you will receive 2 cards, so will the dealer. Aces count as 1 point in Baccarat, and cards from 2 to 9 have their face value, while 10s and face cards count as zero. If the total of your two cards is a two-digit number then the first digit is discarded and the point earned is the last digit. If you want to be eligible for the progressive jackpot you need to make an additional wager. The jackpot is triggered in 3 ways, when both the player and the banker receive an Ace and an 8, Suited Ace and an 8, and a Natural 6-9.


Some of the most popular slots played at Dafabet include:

  • Bai Shi
  • Beach Life
  • Buffalo Blitz
  • Captain's Treasure
  • Desert Treasure
  • Esmeralda
  • Fei Long Zai Tian
  • Fields of Fortune
  • Football Carnival
  • Fortunes of the Fox
  • Funky Monkey
  • Gold Rally
  • Golden Tour
  • Great Blue
  • Halloween Fortune II
  • Highway Kings
  • Hot Gems
  • Jade Emperor
  • Jin Qian Wa
  • Jurassic Island
  • Lie Yan Zuan Shi Magical Stacks
  • Monty Python's Spamalot
  • Cashback
  • Nian Nian You Yu
  • Queen of Wands
  • Safari Heat
  • Santa Surprise
  • Secrets of the Amazon
  • Si Xiang
  • Streak of Luck
  • Sun Wukong
  • Sunset Beach
  • The Three Musketeers
  • Vacation Station
  • Vacation Station Deluxe
  • Zhao Cai Jin Bao
  • Zhao Cai Tong Zi

All these slots are Asian themed, which doesn't come as a surprise given the target market.


Age of the Gods Twister

With just $1 buy-in you can enjoy the new Age of the Gods Twister poker game with a chance of entering one of the four Age of the Gods mystery jackpots. In order to register for the tournament you need to head to the poker tab in the game client. At the start of the Age of the Gods Twister tournament the jackpot game is triggered randomly. In case you and another player are selected to play for the jackpot game, the tournament will be paused until the jackpot game is finished. In order to win, you need to reveal 3 matching symbols.

There are 4 levels of jackpots that can be won, and they are as follows: Power - €50 Extra Power - €500 Super Power - €5,000 Ultimate Power - €100,000

Twister Poker

Twister Poker is an awesome tournament with a whooping $50.000 Jackpot Prize. This is a winner-takes-all setup tournament consisting of 3 Turbo Sit & Go tournaments. The prize mainly depends on the multiplier which goes between 2 and 1000.

Wild Twister

Wild Twister is a new game where players play all on their first hand. The game has the same concept as the Twister Poker game.

Speed Poker

Speed Poker is for all those players that want a fast-paced game. In this game you can compete with different players at every hand, after you click 'Speed Fold'. This button allows you to fold and move to a new game. You can do this as long as you are facing a bet. Even though you have been moved to another table the players will still see you visually sitting at the previous table.

When you want to sit out for a round you will be moved into a separate empty table with 'I am back' button displayed.

Six Plus Hold'em

Six Plus Hold'em is a game that has the same concept as Texas Hold'em. The only difference here is that the game is played with 36 cards where the cards with the value 2, 3, 4 and 5 are removed. This makes the hand hierarchy different too:

  • Royal Flush is the highest hand and it is actually a Straight Flush from 10 to the Ace.
  • Straight Flush is a hand where you have all five cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a kind is when you have four cards of the same rank, no matter the suits.
  • Flush is when you have five cards of the same suit. When more players have a Flush, the one with the highest card wins.
  • Full House is when you have three cards of one rank together with two cards of a rank. When more players have Full House, the one with the highest ranking group of three wins.
  • Three of a Kind is when you have three cards of the same rank.
  • Straight is when you have five cards in a sequence. When more players have a Straight, the one with the highest card wins.
  • Two Pair is when you have any two cards of one rank together with two cards of another rank. When more players have the same hand the one with the highest card outside the pair wins.
  • One Pair is when you have two cards of the same rank. When more players have the same hand the hand with the highest card outside the pair wins.
  • High Card is when players have none of the above mentioned hands, and then the hand with the highest card wins.

Texas Hold'em

This is a very popular game where up to 10 players can sit at once. There is an actual virtual dealer sitting in the poker room and does the actual dealing, and that is their sole purpose, they don't participate in the game in any other way.

The two players to the left of the dealer button must place bets before they even receive cards. And since the dealer button moves on every game round, everyone will have to post blinds at some point of the game. This is to make sure that every winning hand wins some money. The player to the left of the dealer button will post the small blind, which is half of the minimum stake. And the player to the left of the small blind will post the big blind, which is equal to the amount of the minimum stake.

After the blinds the cards are dealt where every player receives two cards which are known as pocket cards. The betting begins with the player immediately to the left of the big blind and continues clockwise. Then, three cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table and these cards are called flop cards. Players can use these cards to make up their hand. The second round of betting is next and this is done in the same way as the first betting round. After that the fourth card is dealt face up in the middle of the table and it is called the 'Turn Card. The next betting round happens where raising is possible only with the higher table stakes. The final fifth card is then dealt and it is called 'River Card' and it is followed by a fourth and final round of betting. After the betting round is done the best five-card hand is determined. If there are two or more players with a winning hand, then they will have to split the pot.


Omaha Poker is very similar to Texas Hold'em with two main differences:

  • Players receive 4 pocket cards instead of 2
  • Players must use 2 pocket cards and 3 community cards to complete their hand.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo is played with the same rules as regular Omaha poker. The only difference is that there is an additional way to win a share of the win. Namely, there are 2 winners, the player with the best poker hand and the player with a low hand. The low hand is a hand with 5 different cards below a 9. In order to make a low hand you need to use two pocket cards and three community cards. If there is a low winner the pot is split 50/50.

5 Card Stud

5 Card Stud is the most popular poker game featured in many Hollywood movies. This is one of the simplest poker games out there, but it is less popular now than it was in the past. In this version of poker one card is dealt face down, and all the other cards are dealt face up.

7 Card Stud

7 Card Stud is another variant of poker that was hugely popular before Texas Hold'em raised to fame. This game is way different than other poker games since there are no community cards here. Each player has their own individual hand.


Razz is a form of poker where players compete to have the lowest hand. The game is very similar to 7 Card Stud where each player has their own individual hand and there are no community cards.


The Blackjack game in Dafabet is powered by Playtech. The games offer amazing clarity and incredible atmosphere, just like you are playing in a real land based casino. The game is played with 6 decks of cards. Also, if you want you can play the game with real dealers in the live casino. The rules of the game are pretty much standard with a few variables.


European Roulette

European roulette is by far the most popular variant of the game. What makes it different from any other game is that there is a zero pocket and other numbered pockets ranging from 1 to 36. The main idea of the game is to predict in which pocket the ball will land. You can place many different bets and you can find the payouts on the Winnings Table.

Mini Roulette

Playtech offers a new and unique version of Mini Roulette that you can find at most Playtech powered casinos. This is a mini version of the very popular game which offers the same thrill just like the other variants of the game. The game is based on the European Wheel and offers one zero pocket and 12 other numbered pockets.

Premium European Roulette

Premium European Roulette is a very easy game to play. All you have to do is to select a chip that you want to place as your bet and click on the betting area to place your wager. You have the option to undo your bet if you have changed your mind, and if you are sure you can click on the Spin button and hope that you have guessed the bet right.

Inside Premium Roulette Bets

Inside bets are easier and simpler to learn and more importantly they offer higher payouts. All of these bets are placed inside the Premium Roulette number rectangle and they are as follows:

  • Straight Up – This is the easiest bet where you place your wager on top of a single number including the zero.
  • Split Bet – This is a bet on two neighboring numbers that are located vertically or horizontally away from each other. In order to place this bet you need to place the chips on the line that divides the two numbers.
  • Street bet – This bet includes three numbers placed on a vertical line known as street. In order to place this bet you need to place the chips on the lower edge of the board.
  • Corner Bet – This is a bet that involves placing your chips on the corner intersection of four numbers.
  • Line Bet – This is a bet that is very similar to a street bet, but in this case you place a bet on six numbers located in two streets near each other.
  • Four Bet – This bet is very similar to Corner bet, but here you are betting on four numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Outside Premium Roulette Bets

Outside bets may give you more chances of winning but the payouts are quite low for these kinds of bets. These bets are placed outside of the number rectangle and they are as follows:

  • Column Bet – This is a bet placed on the boxes at the right of the table, labeled '2 to 1'. With this bet you are betting on all 12 numbers in a horizontal line.
  • Dozen Bet – This bet allows you to bet on 12 numbers that are located in three groups from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and from 25 to 36. You need to place your wager on the three bottom boxes labeled with '1st 12', '2nd 12' and '3rd 12'.
  • Red/Black – This bet is placed on a particular color on the wheel and incorporates all of the numbers within that color.
  • Even/Odd – This bet is placed on whether the ball will land on either even or an odd number.
  • Low/High – You can place your bet on all low numbers or on all high numbers. Just place your chips in the bottom boxes labeled '1 to 18' or '19 to 36'. You can get huge payouts when you play the game as long as you bet high. It is all up to you, whether you want to play on the safe side and bet on a selection of numbers or you want to bet on a single number. If your ball lands in the right section, then you will go home a rich man.
  • The payouts for Straight up bet are 35:1. The minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet is $25.
  • The payouts for Split bet are 17:1. The minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet is $50.
  • The payouts for Street bet are 11:1. The minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet is $75.
  • The payouts for Corner/Four bet are 8:1. The minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet is $100.
  • The payouts for Line bet are 5:1. The minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet is $150.
  • The payouts for Column/Dozen bet are 2:1. The minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet is $250.
  • The payouts for 1-18/19-36, Red/Black and Even/Odd bet are 1:1. The minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet is $500.


There are 2 separate sections of sports betting at Dafabet, the OW Sports and Dafa Sports. These sections are very similar but there are some slight differences between the two. Anyhow, both sites allow you to bet on around twenty sports and their main focus is on popular sports. You can make different types of bets and you have the option to cash out in certain bets. There is also a live section where you can bet on top sports such as NBA, football and baseball, just to name some.